The chemical sector has always accompanied the development of other fields throughout history, it is of great importance to create products in various industries such as petrochemistry industry, clothing industry, household appliance manufacturing industry, etc. Additionally, it is also an indispensable part of pharmaceutical chemistry, as well as in a country where agriculture accounts for a large proportion like Viet Nam.

Therefore, the chemical sector is one out of 5 areas that are being invested in by Viet Thai Group, supplying to the market the core business products which are chemicals and grease oil with a vision to 2025 to become the leading supplier of chemicals and grease oil in Vietnam and around the world.

Viet Thai Group undertakes to provide multiple product lines for the production of consumer goods such as paint, packaging, printer ink, leather shoes and textile dyeing; agricultural products such as fertilizers, pesticides and animal feed; detergent and water treatment products, etc. that meet regional and international quality standards.

With a strategic location in terms of infrastructure stretching across Vietnam (North – Center – South) and the advantage of people and international logistics network, Viet Thai Group can enter domestic and foreign markets in order to increase our market share, with the orientation of sustainable and long-term development.

Our core company values: Product quality, Stable supplies and customer satisfaction.

Regarding partners and investors, Viet Thai Group wants to create a professional cooperative environment to connect companies in this field in the spirit of equal cooperation with proper profit-sharing plans for long-term cooperation.


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