Agriculture and forestry

The agricultural and forestry sector is a key area of focus for Viet Thai Group. With the mission to enhance the value of Vietnamese agricultural and forestry products in the international market, Viet Thai Group has intensified its investment in the development, export, and distribution of Vietnam’s leading agricultural and forestry products, such as coffee, pepper, cassava starch, cashew nuts, cinnamon, and star anise. Notably, Viet Thai Group stands out with its two main business products: wood chips and natural rubber.

Wood Chip Products
With sustainable raw materials sourced from a planted forest ecosystem spanning over 150 hectares and a nationwide network of suppliers and infrastructure, Viet Thai Group has gradually solidified its brand position in the production and export of wood chips, meeting all domestic and international demands for wood chips and related products. This includes challenging markets such as Japan, South Korea, China, and others.

Natural Rubber Products

Natural rubber is a promising new business segment for Viet Thai Group, encompassing main products such as SVR 10, SVR 20, SVR 3L, etc. With extensive raw material areas, advanced production technology, and a team of experienced experts, Viet Thai Group not only provides high-quality rubber products to domestic and international markets but also contributes to environmental protection and community development.

With a team of highly experienced industry experts, a professional management model, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to become one of the leading natural rubber producers and suppliers in Vietnam, while also delivering economic value and sustainable development for society.

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