On March 8th at VIET THAI GROUP and its member companies

Another transitional period of March is upon us March, with echoes of spring filling in every street, river, and field,…It is when everyone feels the warm and radiant atmosphere of the earth and sky. It’s also the time when we joyfully celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th. On this day, we remind of traditions and honor the beauty of women, allowing us to feel even prouder and more appreciative of them.

Vietnamese women, spanning generations, have etched golden pages in the history of our nation. They have become legends, timeless artistic monuments, and celestial melodies bestowed upon humanity. They not only built half a lifetime; they’ve contributed profoundly to the world’s beauty. With all these meanings in mind, we would like to extend warm and heartfelt wishes to all the women, especially those who work tirelessly at VIET THAI GROUP and its member companies across the country.

The poet Huy Can once wrote:

                        “Sisters radiate golden historical sunlight,

                          illuminating life and inspiring poetry…

Women have become an integral part of history, casting light upon humanity and poetry alike. They become boundless inspiration for literature and art, shining beautifully in every artistic dimension

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