On October 2, 2023, Viet Thai Group Corporation (VTG) organized the “Launching Ceremony of VINDOCHINA CARGO SOLUTIONS Joint Stock Company and LEC COMMODITIES Joint Stock Company“.

VINDOCHINA CARGO SOLUTIONS Joint Stock Company, a new member unit of Viet Thai Group, operates in the main field of providing optimal Logistics solutions in Southeast Asia and Asia.

LEC COMMODITIES Joint Stock Company is another unit in VTG’s ecosystem.

Besides, in recent times, the emulation and reward work has always received great attention from the leaders of Viet Thai Group, considering emulation and reward as one of the main effective solutions, a driving force, motivating every individual and unit to always strive with the highest determination to successfully complete assigned tasks. In the recent third quarter 2023, the Chairman of the Board of Directors decided to award hot bonuses to “PMP Team” and “Tapioca Starch Business Team of Viet Thai and Phu Thai”.

Team PMP has successfully implemented cross-border logistics services, transferring imported coal shipments for international partners to Laos, gradually expanding the international market. The Tapioca Starch Sales Team of Viet Thai and Phu Thai has succeeded with a new product, successfully completed the export of nearly 13,000 ton and successfully signed a contract to export more than 500 containers in the fourth quarter and is expected to bring in revenue of more than 7 million USD.


Joining this joyful atmosphere, Viet Thai Group also warmly welcomed Mr. WANG NING KAI – Sales Manager, and Mr. WANG HONG LIANG – Sales Representative in the Chinese market to join Viet Thai Group.

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