VIET THAI GROUP enthusiastically organized an event to introduce two new business segments for its subsidiary, Phu Thai Chemical Joint Stock Company (PTC). These new segments are BIOMASS and RUBBER.

In 2024, it is a challenging year for the global economy in general and specifically for Vietnam. This wave directly affects all industries, especially import and export commodities. However, with a series of business expansion events, VIET THAI GROUP has been asserting its position in the market by developing two new business areas: BIOMASS and RUBBER under Phu Thai Chemical Joint Stock Company (PTC)

  • BIOMASS Business Segment: It is a significant step toward sustainable development and environmental protection. It serves as a smart and efficient choice for modern industries.Biomass is not only a renewable energy source but also contributes to reducing environmental impact.The team dedicated to the Biomass segment is committed to advancing this field and creating a positive impact on both the industry and the environment.

  • RUBBER Business Segment: Rubber is a crucial resource, not only for the industrial sector but also for our daily lives. Beyond being a product, rubber symbolizes the connection between humanity and nature, bridging the past and the future. The team responsible for the Rubber segment aims to maximize the potential of this valuable resource.

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